Use Case: Become A Site Member



Becoming a member of a site allows you to access the additional services of the site. Often this includes a personal online work area (your "desktop"), the ability create and submit your own content for publication and the ability to personalize the look and behavior of the site to better meet your needs.

Note that different sites have different purposes, and the specific services available to site members depends on the choices of the site administrators. By default, a CMF site provides members with a private "desktop", the ability to create certain types of basic content and the ability to select the visual style of the site that they see.


  1. To become a member of a site, visit the site homepage and click on the "Join" link in the menu located on the left side of the page.
  2. Clicking the "Join" link will take you to a form. Complete the fields on the form and click the "Register" button to become a registered member of the site.
  3. The exact information required by the registration form will vary from site to site. The form for a default CMF site requires visitors to provide at least a login name, a password and a valid email address to become a member. The default form also gives you an option to have the password you provided at registration time emailed to you for future reference.
  4. After submitting the member registration form, you should see a page informing you that you have successfully been registered as a site member. This page also provides a link that you can use to log into the site immediately.