Use Case: Configure personalization options



One of the benefits of becoming a member of a CMF Site is the ability to create persistent personalizations of the way the site is displayed: in particular, this personalization allows the member to select from among the skins which have been configured by the Site Manager.



  1. Click the Preferences link in your top user actions bar.
  2. On the personalization form, you have the option of modifying the following:
    E-mail address
    your contact email address, used to send you your password if you forget it. The site administrator may also use this email to contact you when necessary.
    Listing status (off/on)
    determines if you're login name is visible to other members when they select the members link from the navigation bar.
    The look and feel skin which is applied around the content of the site. The skin affects your view while navigating the site.
  3. Update these preferences as desired and select the change button.
  4. The system will save your preferences and redisplay the personalization form with the a message stating that your preferences have been changed.