Use Case: Give local roles to other users



In order to collaborate on a set of content, each contributor must have the appropriate permissions to create and revise content.



  1. Navigate to a folder where you wish to give local roles to other users so you can collaborate on content.
  2. Select Folder contents from the actions box.
  3. Select Set local roles from the actions box.
  4. Fill out the search form as follows:
    Search Term
    Enter the name or email address of the user to whom you wish to assign local roles.
    Search By
    Selected the appropriate drop down which corresponds to the kind of search term you have entered (e.g. Email Address or User ID)
  5. Click the Search button. The system will redisplay the form, showing a list of users matching your criterion.
  6. Select users by checking the corresponding checkbox. Select the role to assign to the selected user(s) from the drop down menu labled Role to Assign. Click the "Assign Roles" button. The system will assign the selected role to the selected users, and redisplay the local roles form with a message indicating the change.