Use Case: Move / copy content between folders




  1. Navigate to the folder containing the piece of content which you would like to move (or copy) to another folder.

    To retrieve a list of the content you have authored, see View personally authored content

  2. In the "Folder contents" view of the folder, check the box next to the content object(s) which you would like to move or copy.
  3. Click the "Cut" button (or the "Copy" button, if you wish to create a copy in the new location rather than moving the content).
  4. The system will set a cookie on your browser (you must have cookies enabled) representing the items you cut or copied.
  5. Navigate to the folder into which you wish to move or copy the content (which might be the same folder).
  6. Click the "Paste" button. The system will move or copy the content into the folder; new content whose IDs would conflict with exising content in that folder will receive an auto-generated name, typically copy_of_ plus the original ID.
  7. To undo this action, see Undo changes to content.