Use Case: Rename Content



The ID which an author assigns to a piece of content at creation time[1] may laterturn out to be inappropriate.



  1. Navigate to the folder containing the piece of content which you would like to rename.

    To retrieve a list of the content you have authored, see View personally authored content.

  2. In the "Folder contents" view of the folder, check the box next to the content object(s) which you would like to rename.
  3. Click the "Rename" button.
  4. The system will display a form listing each selected content object, with input fields for the new ID for each. Supply new IDs, and click the "OK" button.
  5. The content has now been renamed; you will be redirected to the folder contents listing with a notification message to that effect.
  6. To undo this action, see Undo changes to content.