Use Case: Search site for information




  1. Select the "Search" link from the masthead of any page. The system will display a form allowing you to specify the criteria for your search:
    Full text search
    enter one or more words you expect to find in the "searchable text" of your content (searchable text normally consists of the textual content, if any, plus the title and description).
    Enter one or more words you expecte to find in the Title of the content.
    Select one or more keywords from the available seletion box.
    Enter one or more words you expecte to find in the Description of the content.
    Find new items since...
    Select one of the options which corrsponds to the range of time in which objects were created.
    Item Type
    Select one or more content types from the seletion box.
    Enter the user ID of the user who created the content.

    Enter your search criteria and select the search button.

  2. The system will return a results page listing the first twenty matching objects. For each matching item, the results page displays the Title, the Description, and the "last modified" date; the Title is also a link to the object.


  1. Enter one or more "full text" search words in the "quick search" form in the masthead of any page. Click the "go" button. Continue with step #3 above.