SyndicationTool - Overview: CMF Syndication Overview.


The SyndicationTool allows for sitewide syndication of content in folders (or folder-like objects which support the synContentValues interface). Currently on the SyndicationTool the following features are present:

  1. Enable/disable sitewide syndication.
  2. Override my Syndicaiton Element defaults on the Properties management form.

Once sitewide syndication has been enabled, the Syndication action on folders is enabled, allowing syndication for a specific folder to be enabled. This is to protect calling the RSS dtml method on folder contents one wishes to remain non-syndicated. A syndication_information object is set on the folder which acts as the propertysheet for over- riding sitewide defaults for each particular syndication instance.

In the next revision of the SyndicationTool, the following features are being planned:

  1. Reimplementation of the manner properties are called on the SyndicationTool class and instance, as well as on the syndication- information object. A getElementProperty method will handle generic grabing of properties.
  2. Adding the ability to addElementProperties, to allow for easily enabling additional XML namespaces to be incorporated on an instance without requiring reimplementation of the SyndicationTool.
  3. Default sitewide properties for the dublin core module support.
  4. Sitewide enabling/disabling override switches for the supported XML namespace module default values.
  5. Sitewide/Folder level content filtering of content returned back in the itemRSS DTML method to allow for selective content returned for the syndication.
  6. Sort Order setting. Allow the setting of how the content is sorted in the syndication.
  7. Add switch to disallow acquisition to disable sub-folder syndication within an existing syndicated folder.
  8. Other features are possible as users give feedback on the Syndication implementation.