Formulator Form - Order


The order view allows you to change the order in which fields should be displayed in the form. You can also group fields together; this may be helpful when you create a complicated form.

Any field that gets added to the form ends up in the first group. This group always exists and cannot be removed.

You can click on the field id to go directly to the field management screen.

Note that you cannot add or remove any fields in this form; you have to use the main contents view of the form for that.

How this information is used

The order and grouping information is used internally by the test tab of the form, and you can also use it in your own code. See the Formulator API Reference (to be written; for now read the source!) for more information on how to do that.

Reordering fields inside a group

You can reorder fields in a group by moving them up and down in the group. Select the field you want to move using the checkbox in front of the field id. Then click on the Move Up or Move Dn button, to move the field up or down respectively. You will see a feedback message at the top of the screen. You can only move a single field at a time this way, you select only the field you want to move!

Creating a new group

The first group has a button called Create at the bottom, with an input box above it. Fill in the name of the new group that you want to create there, and press the Create button. The new group will be added (as the last group visible).

How the groups are displayed

In order to show more information on a single screen, the groups are ordered in columns from left to right, then in rows from top to bottom. The settings view allows you to modify how many groups should appear in a single row (the default is 4 groups). Changing this has no impact on the functionality of the form itself.

When you add a new group, it will be added to the right of the current last group, if this still fits in a row. Otherwise a new row will be created and the group will be displayed there.

Moving fields to a different group

When you create a new group, it remains empty. You can move several fields into a group by using the Transfer button of a group. First select one ore more fields in an old group that you want to move away. Then, use the Move to: dropdown list to select the group to which you want to move the selected fields. Then, press the Transfer button. The fields should now disappear from the origin group and appear in the target group.

Reordering groups

You can change the order of the gropus by using the Move Up and Move Dn buttons in the Group section of a group. This moves the entire group in the group order. You cannot move the first group (and it therefore has no group movement buttons).

Renaming groups

You can rename a group by filling in the new name in the input box above the Rename button, and then pressing that button.

Removing groups

You can remove a group by pressing the Remove button in the Group section of the group. The entire group will disappear. Any fields that were in the group will move to the bottom of the first group; you cannot lose any fields this way.