Control Panel - Contents: Zope system controls


This view displays information about the Zope process and allows you to restart and/or shutdown Zope.

System Information
Zope version
The version of Zope, the type of the release (binary/source), the Python version, and the platform the binaries were compiled on.
Python version
The Python version that Zope is using.
System Platform
The type of machine Zope is running on.
The filesystem path of the core Zope software.
The filesystem path where Zope loads add-on software.
The filesystem path where Zope stores data and log files.
Process ID
The PID of the Zope process.
Running for
How long the Zope process has been running.
Management Options
Database Management
Provides access to the database management functions such as packing and cache management.
Version Management
Provides access to version management functions, including version commit and abort.
Product Management
Provides access to management functions for installed Zope Products.


Shutsdown the Zope process. Important: You will not be able to access Zope through the web after shutting it down.
Restarts Zope. This control will only appear if Zope is running under daemon control or as a win32 service. Note: It may take a few moments until the Zope comes back up after being restarted.

If your browser supports JavaScript, you should be able to add the following link to your bookmarks/favorites and use it to restart any Zope site: (Restart Zope).