DTML Document/Method - Edit: Edit contents.


This view allows you to edit the contents of a DTML Document or Method.

The id of the DTML Document or Method.
The size of the contents.
Last modified
The time the object was last changed.


The optional title.
[Text area]
The contents of the DTML Document or Method.
Taller and Shorter
Allows to adjust the height of the contents text area.
Wider and Narrower
Allows to adjust the width of the contents text area.
Save Changes
Changes the contents.

Note: When you change the contents it is parsed for correct DTML syntax. If there is a syntax error, the contents will not be changed.

Indicates a file to be uploaded to replace the contents of the current object. Use the Browse ... button to select a local file.
Upload File
Upload the file and change the contents.