WebDAV Lock Management - Manage Locks


This view allows you to manage WebDAV WriteLocks. WebDAV, as an extension to the HTTP Protocol, allows the users to create Write Locks as a way of trying to avoid the "lost updates problem". However, sometimes WriteLocks may become abandoned. This may be due to users forgetting to unlock their resources, software failures such as crashes, etc. In many cases, locks might just time out before this becomes a problem. In cases where it's not, this control panel object may be used to locate locked resources inside of Zope and clear ALL of their WebDAV writelocks. This does not clear locks caused by use of Versions.


This lets you enter a path (based off the root of the Zope site) to filter down the list of locked objects. Clicking Go executes the filter.

When locked objects are found, they are listed one per line with a checkbox that can be used to select the item. Also listed in each line is information about the lock(s) on the object - the user who created the lock (identified by the path to the user folder the user is defined in), and the locktoken that identifies the lock. In the majority of cases, there should only be one lock per object.

Selects locked items.
Select All
This button marks all items displayed as selected.
Deselect All
After Select All has been clicked, it changes to say Deselect All. Clicking this deselects all displayed items.
Unlock objects
Unlocks the selected items.