User Folder - Properties: Change properties of the user folder.


This view allows you to change settings of a user folder.


The Encrypt user passwords checkbox controls whether user passwords are stored encrypted. If passwords are stored encrypted, users can still use their password to log in but it is very difficult for anyone, especially intruders, to decrypt the passwords. It also prevents system administrators from telling users what their current password is, although system administrators can still reset user passwords.

If you click the Update existing passwords button while the Encrypt user passwords checkbox is on, Zope will encrypt all the unencrypted passwords of the users in the folder. Zope uses the Secure Hash Algorithm so the encryption is irreversible.

Note that you can still undo after updating the existing passwords because the unencrypted passwords are stored in the history in ZODB. After encrypting the passwords, you should pack the database then delete the temporary storage files created during packing.