ZClass - Add: Add a new ZClass


This view allows you to create a new ZClass.


The id of the ZClass.
The optional title of the ZClass.
Meta type
The name of the ZClass as it will appear in the product add list.
Create constructor objects
Create the necessary objects to construct new ZClass instances. The created constructor objects are a Zope Permission, a Zope Factory, an add method and an add form.

**Note: You must specify a Meta type to create constructor objects**

Base classes
Base classes of the ZClass.

To add a base class select it from the Unselected list and click the right arrow button. To remove a base class select it from the Selected list and click the left arrow button. The names of base classes are divided into two parts separated by a colon indicating the product name and the class name of the base class. The order of Base classes is important.

Include standard Zope persistent object base classes
Subclass Zope persistence classes and thereby act as a normal persistent object.
Creates the ZClass.