ZClass - Methods: Manage ZClass methods.


This view allows you to manage ZClass methods.

A ZClass inherits methods from its base classes. It can also contain methods which are managed through the web. This view allows you to create and edit methods such as DTML Methods, ZSQL Methods, and External Methods though the web. Methods that you create through the web will be accessible as methods on instances of the ZClass.

The creation and management of methods proceeds exactly like the management of a Folder's contents. See "Folder - Contents". The main difference between editing method objects and normal objects is that methods have a Define Permissions view in place of a Security view. See "Security - Define Permissions".

If you create ZClasses inside the Methods view of a ZClass instances of the inner class will be addable to instances of the outer class. Typically the outer class will subclass ObjectManager and the inner class will be only relevant inside the outer class.