if: Tests Conditions

The if tags allows you to test conditions and to take different actions depending on the conditions. The if tag mirrors Python's if/elif/else condition testing statements.


If tag syntax:

      <dtml-if ConditionVariable|expr="ConditionExpression">
        [<dtml-elif ConditionVariable|expr="ConditionExpression">]

The if tag is a block tag. The if tag and optional elif tags take a condition variable name or a condition expression, but not both. If the condition name or expression evaluates to true then the if block is executed. True means not zero, an empty string or an empty list. If the condition variable is not found then the condition is considered false.

If the initial condition is false, each elif condition is tested in turn. If any elif condition is true, its block is executed. Finally the optional else block is executed if none of the if and elif conditions were true. Only one block will be executed.


Testing for a variable:

      <dtml-if snake>
        The snake variable is true

Testing for expression conditions:

      <dtml-if expr="num > 5">
        num is greater than five
      <dtml-elif expr="num < 5">
        num is less than five
        num must be five

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