let: Defines DTML variables

The let tag defines variables in the DTML namespace.


let tag syntax:

      <dtml-let [Name=Variable][Name="Expression"]...>

The let tag is a block tag. Variables are defined by tag arguments. Defined variables are pushed onto the DTML namespace while the let block is executed. Variables are defined by attributes. The let tag can have one or more attributes with arbitrary names. If the attributes are defined with double quotes they are considered expressions, otherwise they are looked up by name. Attributes are processed in order, so later attributes can reference, and/or overwrite earlier ones.


Basic usage:

    <dtml-let name="'Bob'" ids=objectIds>
      name: <dtml-var name>
      ids: <dtml-var ids>

Using the let tag with the in tag:

     <dtml-in expr="(1,2,3,4)">
       <dtml-let num=sequence-item
         <dtml-var num> * <dtml-var index> = <dtml-var result>

This yields:

      1 * 0 = 0
      2 * 1 = 2
      3 * 2 = 6
      4 * 3 = 12

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