Edit View: Edit A Page Template


This view allows you to edit the template's text, upload new text, or change the content type and title of the template.

Template Text

The text in a template must be well-formed HTML if the content type is text/html. Otherwise, it must be well-formed XML. Either way, it may include TAL or METAL markup containing TALES expressions.


Allows you to specify the Zope title of the template.
Allows you to specify the content-type that will be given to renderings of this template. Also, if the content type is text/html (the default) then the template is assumed to contain HTML, not XML. This affects both parsing and rendering of the template, and can be overridden by giving the template an is_html property. In HTML mode you don't need to explicitly declare tal and metal XML namespaces. In XML mode you must explicitly declare tal and metal XML namespaces, and Zope assumes that your template contains well-formed XML.
Expand macros when editing
Allows you to turn the expansion of METAL macros on or off. This only affects viewing of the source code, not rendering.

Buttons and Other Form Elements

Save Changes
saves changes you make to the body, title, or content type.
make the body textarea taller, shorter, wider, or narrower.
upload a file into this template.

File Upload Details

Files uploaded into a template must be valid HTML or XML text.