replace: Replace an element


tal:replace syntax:

      argument ::= (['text'] | 'structure') expression


The tal:replace statement replaces an element with dynamic content. It replaces the statement element with either text or a structure (unescaped markup). The body of the statement is an expression with an optional type prefix. The value of the expression is converted into an escaped string if you prefix the expression with text or omit the prefix, and is inserted unchanged if you prefix it with structure. Escaping consists of converting "&" to "&amp;", "<" to "&lt;", and ">" to "&gt;".

If the value is nothing, then the element is simply removed. If the value is default, then the element is left unchanged.


The two ways to insert the title of a template:

      <span tal:replace="template/title">Title</span>
      <span tal:replace="text template/title">Title</span>

Inserting HTML/XML:

      <div tal:replace="structure table" />

Inserting nothing:

      <div tal:replace="nothing">This element is a comment.</div>

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