Session Data Manager - Add

A Zope Session Data Manager is responsible for maintaining a relationship between session data objects and Zope browser ids. It is part of the Zope sessioning machinery. Programmers will sometimes interact with a session data manager in order to obtain information about session data.

You can place a session data manager in any Zope container,as long as a browser id manager object can be acquired from that container. The session data manager will use the first acquired object named "browser_id_manager" as a browser id manager.

Choose "Session Data Manager" within the container you wish to house the session data manager from the "Add" dropdown box in the Zope management interface.

The session data manager add form displays these options:

choose an id for the session data manager
choose a title for the session data manager
transient object container path
the path in Zope to a transient object container which will store the actual session data. This path is /temp_folder/transient_container in a default Zope installation.
If set, the REQUEST variable will be populated with the session object, stored as the given name (default is SESSION)

After reviewing and changing these options, click the "Add" button to instantiate a session data manager.

You can manage a session data manager by visiting it in the management interface. You may change all options available during the add process by doing this.

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