Temporary Folders


Temporary Folders are Folders which store their contents "in-memory", in much the same way as a RAM disk. The contents of a Temporary Folder are lost upon shutdown.


By default, Zope will create a Temporary Folder named "temp_folder" in the root of every Zope installation. This Temporary Folder will be used by the Zope Sessions machinery, but it may be used for other purposes as well.

You may create additional Temporary Folders. Creating a Temporary Folder is fairly straightfoward; they are created in the same way as a "regular" Folder through the Zope management interface:


Once created, a Temporary Folder acts just like regular Folder object with the exception that the items which it contains will be lost upon Zope shutdown and restart.

Since Temporary Folders use RAM to store data, it is advised to add items to a Temporary Folder sparingly. The capacity of a Temporary Folder is limited by available RAM.

Interaction with ZEO

Temporary Folders exist local to the Zope server. Thus, each server in a ZEO cluster would have their own private copy of data in a Temporary Folder. Only temporary data that should be local to a specific Zope instance should go into a Temporary Folder. Items which need to be shared between Zope servers in a ZEO cluster should not be placed in Temporary Folders.