TransientObjectContainer - Add

Transient Object Containers

A Transient Object Container contains objects which expire after a user-settable period of time. Items placed into transient object must have string keys, but may have any type of value.

Common Usages

A Transient Object Container is used by Session Data Managers to store session data.

To create a Transient Object Container, specify the following:

Add and Delete Scripts

Add and Delete scripts are Zope scripts which are called, respectively, when an object is added or removed from a Transient Object Container. An add or delete script is specified by naming it by its full Zope object path with slash separators, e.g. "/path/to/method".

Add and delete scripts are called with two arguments. The first argument is the item being added or removed from the container; the second argument is the Transient Object Container itself. The container will be acquisition wrapped, allowing the it to be used as a context to reference other Zope objects.

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