ZCatalog - Indexes: Manage Catalog Indexes


This view allows you to manage the catalog indexes.

The catalog provides searching by indexing information about cataloged objects. Indexes record information about object attributes.


[List of Indexes]
Each line contains one Index entry. The checkbox in the front allows you to mark an index for deletion. Next the Index name is listed which corresponds to attribute names of various objects.
The checkmarked Index(es) will be deleted.
Add Index - Name
Allows you to enter the name of a new index.
[Type of Index]
You have the choice between four types of Indexes, called TextIndex, FieldIndex, KeywordIndex and PathIndex. Please refer to the table below to see a description of each Index.
The new Index will be added to this catalog.

This table lists the different Index types and describes their purpose.

TextIndexes break content up into individual words. These indexes are often refered to as full-text indexes. Text indexes sort results by score, meaning they return hits in order from the most relevant to the lest relevant.
FieldIndexes treat the value of an objects attribute atomically, and can be used, for example, to track only a certain subset of object values, such as meta_type.
KeywordIndexes index a sequence of objects that act as keywords for an object. A Keyword Index will return any objects that have one or more keywords specified in a search query.
Index the physical path of a sequence of objects. A Path Index will return all objects that match a partitial path specified in a search query.
A TopicIndex is a container for so-called FilteredSet. A FilteredSet consists of an expression and a set of internal ZCatalog document identifiers that represent a pre-calculated result list for performance reasons. Instead of executing the same query on a ZCatalog multiple times it is much faster to use a TopicIndex instead.