Z SQL Method - Add: Create new Z SQL Method


This view allows you to create a new Z SQL Method.


Specifies the id of the sql method.
Specifies the title of the sql method.
Connection id
Select list that specifies the database connection on which the sql method operates.

Note: If you change the ID of your DB Connection object, all the Z SQL Methods using this connection object will NOT be updated. You have to update all Methods one by one.

Allows you to specify a list of arguments that the sql method takes. The arguments should be separated by spaces or a newline in the field. Furthermore, you can specify the type of the argument as well as a default value.

Example: title:string="No title!", where title is the attribute, string is the type of the attribute, and "No title!" is the default value.

Query template

Text area that specifies the SQL query that will execute when this method is called. The query template can contain DTML markup to tailor the SQL statement to the arguments. There are three additional DTML tags called SQLVAR, SQLTEST, and SQLGROUP. Please refer to their references get more details on how to use them in your SQL statement.

Note: the SQL statement need not be a SELECT query, it may be any valid SQL statement including an INSERT or UPDATE.

Important: You can have several SQL statements in one ZSQL Method.