Z SQL Method - Advanced: Manage advanced settings


Manage the advanced settings such as caching and plugable brains of a SQL method.


Indicates the id of the sql method.
Allows you to specify the title of the sql method.
Connection Hook
Specifies the id of a method to be called when the database connection is made. This method will return a string containing the id of the database connection to use. If left blank there is no effect, the connection id specified will be used.
Maximum number of rows retrieved
Specify an upper limit for the number of rows a sql method can retrieve. Setting this option correctly (based on your specific environment) can increase the execution time of the method.
Maximum number of results in the cache
Set the size of the sql method cache.
Maximum time (seconds) to cache results
The time in seconds that results are cached. Setting to zero disables caching.

Rows returned from this method can be turned into Result objects that are instances of a class you can specify below.

Class name
Allows you to specify the name of the Python class.
Class file
Allows you to specify the name of the Python module that the class is defined in. The class file should reside in the Zope Extensions directory.